Property Protection Grant Program

Over the last three years, break and enters to municipal properties have resulted in 29 claims totaling $236,614. To help reduce or eliminate these claims, SUMAssure is providing each subscriber up to $500 to protect municipal buildings.

The Property Protection Grant Program will accept applications from February 12, 2018 – December 31, 2018.  You will be able to submit receipts/invoices from as far back as February 12, 2016 for reimbursement.


SUMAssure and SecurTek Special Pricing 

SUMAssure has partnered with SecurTek to provide subscribers with special pricing on monitoring fees.  The promotion will run from February 8, 2018 - December 31, 2018. 


Are Your Boards & Committees Insured - Information Sheet

It has become apparent following discussions with various urban municipalities that there is a common misconception the municipality’s liability insurance automatically extends to cover all boards and committees operating within the municipality.  In actuality, your liability policy will only respond to defend…


Flooding in Saskatchewan

As spring rapidly approaches, Saskatchewan’s flood exposure increases and the potential threat for Saskatchewan municipalities is a very real concern. High precipitation levels, above average winter precipitation, deeply frozen soil conditions, high soil moisture indexes, and increased spring run-off levels in these areas are significantly higher than normal this year and present the potential for severe flooding if the spring snowmelt coincides with warm or wet weather.


Insuring To Value - Information Sheet

Insurance is purchased to protect your investment and the revenue generated through the use of your property. The significance of insuring to full value of your property cannot be overstated when it comes to managing your risk and protecting your investment.


Urban Voice article  - August 2011

Risk Management for municipal infrastructure projects

Your committee has recently received approval to start breaking ground on the town’s new recreation centre. The municipality has a lot to lose financially if this project folds. With multiple parties involved, you know the best way to ensure success is by consolidating and maintaining control where you can, but where do you start?


Urban Voice article  - Summer 2012

Playground: Safe haven or catastrophe?

The leading injuries on playgrounds include fractures, internal injuries, dislocation and amputation. The good news is that through redesign efforts playgrounds are now safer. Routine maintenance and inspection practices can reduce or control many of the risks previously associated with playgrounds.


Urban Voice article - Winter 2012

SUMAssure-Bringing Members Peace of Mind

The SUMAssure Insurance Reciprocal is growing by leaps and bounds. Since 2008, SUMAssure has offered Saskatchewan’s urban governments a chance to get off of the traditional insurance treadmill and control their own insurance costs by owning their own insurance company.


Winter Roof Collapse Hazard

Snow is a fact of life in Canada and all areas are subject to regular accumulations and snow storms. Deep accumulations of snow can lead to roof collapse. In addition, rain combined with previous moderate snow accumulations can overload the structure and lead to collapse.