SUMAssure was created by the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA), after its members passed a resolution asking for a group insurance program. Cities and hometowns were concerned about their rates and coverage, and turned to SUMA for help. Other associations like SUMA had created similar programs, and SUMAssure was based on the best practices and lessons learned by those associations.

Launched in 2009, the program is structured to shield subscribers from large rate increases due to claims, market trends, and to provide stability in their insurance rates. Since the program began we have offered more than two dozen enhancements that were not covered by traditional insurance providers.

SUMAssure is a robust competitor in municipal insurance, and we continue to operate under the oversight of the Saskatchewan Superintendent of Insurance and a Management Board elected by our subscribers. The program is available to SUMA members—urban municipalities and related entities such as regional water systems and waste management boards.

We provide access to property and liability coverage, and offer advantages over traditional carriers:

  • Municipal Focus
  • Ownership and Control
  • Superior Claim Handling
  • Stable Rates
  • Broadest Coverage
  • Member Equity
  • Risk Control Services

So, what’s an insurance reciprocal, exactly?

An alternative to traditional insurance, an insurance reciprocal is owned and governed by subscribers. Subscribers exchange insurance contracts and spread the risks associated with those contracts among themselves. This gives subscribers better rates and coverage than they would get on their own.

Another big difference between a reciprocal and insurance company is that we are non-profit. Premiums stay in the program, and are either paid out in losses or used to build equity for subscribers. SUMAssure is regulated by the Saskatchewan Superintendent of Insurance to make sure the program has enough assets to cover subscribers’ needs.

Visit the Why SUMAssure page to get all the details on why SUMAssure is the best choice for Saskatchewan’s urban municipalities.


SUMAssure is a member-owned insurance program dedicated to offering the best possible products and services at the most cost-effective prices for Saskatchewan urban municipalities.


SUMAssure – providing risk management solutions for all Saskatchewan cities, towns and villages.


SUMAssure is committed to these fundamental principles and beliefs. They guide our behaviours, decision-making processes, actions, programs and services:


We invest back into our subscribing communities.


Our processes are fair, ethical and transparent.


We make every effort to meet the needs of our subscribers.


We think, plan and operate in a planned and strategic manner.


We are open and accountable to our subscribers and partners.


We work in partnership with our subscribers and strategic partners.


We are a progressive and dynamic organization open to new ideas.

Management Board:

SUMAssure is governed by The Saskatchewan Insurance Act and managed by the SUMAssure Management Board. Board members serve a two-year term and must be from a subscribing municipality.

Current Board

Kim Gartner, Chair / CAO, Town of Macklin

Glenn George*, Vice-Chair / Mayor, City of Melfort

Margarita Pena, Treasurer / Finance Manager, City of North Battleford

Tara Fritz / CAO, Town of Shaunavon

Bryan Matheson* / Mayor, Town of Lumsden

Rod Perkins* / Mayor, Town of Kindersley

Jim Weninger / CAO, Town of Dalmeny

Elections for four of the board positions take place at the SUMAssure Annual General Meeting. Subscribing municipalities will receive a call for nominations ahead of the meeting. Three board members are nominated by SUMA (noted with an asterisk above).


Governance and Conduct Committee: Tara Fritz – Committee Chair, Bryan Matheson, and Jim Weninger

Audit and Finance Committee: Margarita Pena – Committee Chair, Glenn George, and Rod Perkins.

Board Chair, Kim Gartner is ex-officio on both committees.

Your Team:

Tania Wendling, Chief Executive Officer 
Kevin Madden, Principal Attorney and Account Executive (Aon)
Susan Fedyck, Account Executive (Aon)