“The work SUMAssure does to support members is admirable. They provide resources we can use to make our communities safer and reduce our risk, and it’s reassuring to know there is somebody at the other end of the phone when we need them. Not only do they consistently respond quickly, if they don’t have an answer, they will find it. And that’s a resource that we just can’t do without.”

– Barry Elliott—Chief Administrative Officer – Town of Maple Creek

“In 2018 we conducted a review of our insurance coverage. Through an RFP process, SUMAssure came out as the strongest proponent. Immediately we saved approximately $200,000 in insurance premiums, obtained better insurance coverage, and gained an insurance partner with extensive municipal expertise. SUMAssure’s knowledge of The Cities Act as well as municipal case law sets them apart from other insurers.

SUMAssure conducted a full review of our coverages and was able to provide advice to use on where we may want to consider increasing coverages. Areas such as adequate liability limits, cyber insurance, risk management, and discussions regarding which entities can be covered under our insurance were all valuable.

When managing municipal risk, it is imperative that we ensure we have proper coverage in place. As a city focused on risk management practices, a key benefit to us was the risk control inspections SUMAssure completed on several of our facilities. We were able to take the reports provided and build the recommendations into our capital and maintenance plans.

We not only saved money for our taxpayers, we gained an insurance partner that provides unmatched municipal expertise and coverage

 – Randy Patrick—City Manager – City of North Battleford

“SUMAssure is an awesome group. The support they provided us during the claims process was a hundred times better than other insurance experiences, but it doesn’t stop there. They’ve helped us build a proactive mentality so we can prevent risks in the future. We don’t want to deal with losses like those again, and SUMAssure provides resources to help us avoid that.”

 – Shiloh Bronken—CAO – Town of St. Walburg

“Safety is important, not just for the sake of the people who live in the community and their health and wellbeing, but also financially. SUMAssure offers members the added benefit of keeping insurance premiums low by helping reduce risks so we can avoid claims. Besides, it’s not very often that we can say “Our organization is part owner of our insurance company.”

 – Nadine Horvath—Financial Clerk – Town of White City

“SUMAssure brings so much value to municipalities that I really can’t imagine working somewhere that doesn’t have it. You just won’t get that kind of coverage through a private insurance company without it costing a fortune. Everything is all in one package, from our bonds all the way down to equipment, and their coverage makes sure we’re not using more tax dollars after a claim to actually replace what we’ve lost.

The value goes beyond just the premiums, too. SUMAssure has the right people in place to help us through the whole claims process. They are experts in their field who kept me calm during stressful situations and walked me through each step. They also saved me so much time during the repair process, contacting the right people for the job while keeping me in the loop.

They understand the municipal point of view. They’re the masters of it, so why would you go anywhere else?”

– Erinn Schreiner—Chief Administrative Officer – Town of St. Brieux

“Your job as a council and administration is to look after your community in the best way possible. To me, that includes getting the best insurance coverage you can, and that means choosing SUMAssure. It’s a plan built specifically for municipalities, led by a board of people who know what’s important to our sector, and they are much more willing to listen and understand what we need. What better way is there to protect what you have?

SUMAssure takes care of municipalities in a unique way, and offers the least restrictive coverage of any provider I am familiar with.”

 – Valerie Schlosser—Chief Administrative Officer – Town of Dundurn 

The Town of Shaunavon is an original and continuing member of SUMAssure, having joined in 2009. Mayor Bennett speaks on the service and municipal expertise they receive from SUMAssure. Click here to view the video testimonial.

 – Kyle Bennett—Mayor – Town of Shaunavon

“SUMAssure is more than just claims: Their team generously shares their knowledge and expertise with us, even providing presentations on risk management, “Insurance 101,” and the claims process for our staff and council. Whenever we have questions, they are always quick to respond. Their focus on municipalities has given them a deep understanding of our operations and the relevant legislation, making their insights invaluable.”

Adam Holmes—City Manager – City of Melfort