Below is a summary of the types of risk management resources provided to members. Members can access all available content which includes webinar recordings, checklists, newsletters, and risk management bulletins by visiting the Member Area.

Bulletin: Winter Roof Collapse

Oh that dreaded snow. It’s something Canadians just have to get used to and prepare for. Avoiding it can lead to heavy build-up and cause roof collapse. If rain comes along and adds to previous moderate snow accumulations, it can overload the structure and lead to collapse as well. Read more.

Bulletin: Boards and Committees

It has become apparent following discussions with various urban municipalities that there is a common misconception the municipality’s liability insurance automatically extends to cover all boards and committees operating within the municipality. Read more.

Bulletin: Cyber Security

It seems a distant memory where every day we would see news articles about cyber attacks happening all over the country to all sizes and types of organizations. While the media may not be reporting much activity on the cyber attacks today, they are still active and are affecting several organizations and having a dramatic effect on operations. Read more.

Municipal Voice Article: Creating a Culture that Cares

Do you care about safety in your municipality? Do you want to protect residents, visitors, employees, and council? Do you want to avoid spending money and time responding to preventable emergencies, injuries, or mistakes? Read more.

Municipal Voice Article: To Delay or Not Delay: Dangers of Deferring Maintenance or Replacement

All municipal councils face budget restraints and restrictions due to a variety of reasons. Multiple projects are reviewed, and decisions must be made to allow certain items, decline certain items, and defer certain items to a later date. Read more.

Municipal Voice Article: Public Officials Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

The most common of lawsuits made against public officials is for wrongful acts committed in the performance of duties to a public entity. Many councillors find themselves appointed to multiple boards. Read more.

Municipal Voice Article: Owner Controlled Insurance Programs as Risk Management for Municipal Construction Projects

Municipal construction projects typically involve multiple staff, council, architects, engineers, and various contractors. With multiple parties involved, the best way to ensure success is by consolidating and maintaining control where you can, but where do you start? Read more.

Municipal Voice Article: Functional Replacement Cost: Do municipalities have a choice on how to insure their buildings

Municipal construction projects typically involve multiple staff, council, architects, engineers, and various contractors. With multiple parties involved, the best way to ensure success is by consolidating and maintaining control where you can, but where do you start? Read more.

Municipal Voice Article: Protecting Your Data in the Digital Age

Hardly a day goes by without a news story about a data breach or cyber extortion attempt somewhere in the world, and Canada is
certainly not immune. It is also fairly clear that every organization — no matter its size, industry sector, structure, or location
— has some degree of cyber exposure. Read more. 

Municipal Voice Article: I’ve Fallen and I can’t Sue the Municipality

As winter approaches in Saskatchewan, citizens, businesses, and governments prepare to deal with the inevitable barrage of ice and snow. For municipalities, this means attempting to accurately budget for a complete unknown that wildly fluctuates from year to year. Preparing snow removal equipment for the winter season, and communicating municipal snow removal policies and practices to appropriate staff are probably on your municipality’s to-do list. Business owners may prepare by purchasing shovels and stockpiling ice melt. Homeowners may undertake similar preparations and will also make certain everyone has proper, well-fitted winter footwear, warm jackets, and all the outdoor gear ready. Read more.

Municipal Voice Article: Using a Formal and Documented Health and Safety Program to Protect Employees

Over the past three years, SUMAssure has surveyed more than 150 facilities in subscriber communities to identify risk exposures to property and liability losses. From fire prevention to slip/trip/fall recommendations, SUMAssure’s risk-control engineers have worked in partnership with urban administrators and councils to provide risk control reports. Read more. 

Municipal Voice Article: How are you determining your insurable values?

In recent years, construction costs throughout Canada have escalated at an accelerated rate; this has been magnified in provinces such as Saskatchewan that have experienced ‘hyper-inflation.’ This escalation is due to a combination of factors, including steep price increases for many building materials, and rising labour costs due to a shortage of skilled labour in the building trades. These cost increases are magnified in certain areas as a result of the boom in the oil and natural resources sectors. Increases to construction costs have been significantly higher than the general inflation rate across Saskatchewan since 2008. Read more. 

Municipal Voice Article: The Puck Stops Here – Protective arena netting: eyesore or eye protector

For many Canadians, the arrival of fall means one thing − hockey season. This year, there has been much attention paid to Hockey Canada’s ban on bodychecking for players in the peewee age group or younger. Little attention has been given, however, to another group often injured at hockey games each year: spectators. Read more. 

Municipal Voice Article: Playground: Safe Haven or Catastrophe

The term playground conjures up the happy sounds of children laughing and playing on a sunshiny day, kites in the air and maybe even a picnic lunch. Although minor injury can be thought of as part of learning and playing, sadly every year children are severely injured or killed
due to injuries sustained on playground equipment. Read more. 

Municipal Voice Article: Risk Management Advice for Municipal Infrastructure Projects

You are a town council member and you chair the Special Committee for infrastructure revitalization. Your committee has recently received approval to start breaking ground on the town’s new recreation centre. Read more.